(KEAST M&T 2022)
32″,Tet,5.5″, Dor, M


(KEAST M&T 2022)
32″,Tet,5.5″, Dor, M
neon lemon yellow gold toothy edge
Parentage: (Unknown) x (Unknown)

Neon lemon yellow, ruffled gold toothy edge on both petals and sepals
IT’S A NEW DAY has a very unusual yellow color that is an ultra-bright neon
lemon. The yellow is not the normal soft yellow seen most often in gardens.

We like the toothy gold edge that is on both the petals and sepals. IT’S A NEW DAY has that “hey look at me” attitude in the garden.

IT’S A NEW DAY is the second 2022 Introduction that we don’t know for sure
who the parents are. We feel we know one of the parents but choose to list as

Additional information

Dimensions 32 in